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Susan Wilson, BA in Elementary Education, is a teacher, musician, and artist. Susan has just published her first book, Guardians of the Kingdom: In the Midst of Things, a Science Fiction book for young readers, that also includes an inspirational message and a Study Guide for use in a church Bible study setting. Susan illustrated the book herself and wrote the music that accompanies the story.

Susan has been working with children all of her life. As a teacher, church worker, and community volunteer, Susan has devoted her life to educating and ministering to children of all ages. Susan currently fills her time as a substitute teacher in the Central Virginia area, specializing in work with special needs children. In the community, you will find Susan supporting a variety of charities with her face-painting booth, delighting children with her imaginative artwork. She also teaches children's crafts for a Parks and Recreation Department in a nearby county, providing support for summer day-camps and special events.

Living in Central Virginia, Susan and her husband, Gary, are active in church and they enjoy trains, international food and fishing. Susan is currently writing more books, working in art and music, and takes mission trips to the Hurricane Katrina area, helping to rebuild young lives. Her husband, Gary, has just published his third book. Gary and Susan are parents of four children and three grandchildren.

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